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TXS Thermal Imager

Every Call Equipped with Bullard

The Bullard TXS is Better Under Fire. An intuitive tool packed in just 1.6 pounds (incl. battery), the Bullard TXS is essential for every department. TXS was designed for ease-of-use with its one-button operation, ergonomic design, and convenient size. TXS gives you the vital information you need, without weighing you down. The Bullard TXS Thermal Imager is your high deployment solution when budget, quality, and performance are essential.

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Features & Benefits

Crisp, Clear Imagery

Bullard’s proprietary software algorithms and image interpretation enhances basic hardware to deliver crisp, clear imagery with the fastest refresh performance in the industry.

Long Operating Life

Dependable battery with 6-hours of continuous use

Simplistic Durability

Only one switch to activate the unit while withstanding temperature exposure of 350°F (177°C) without operational impact or damage; 5-year warranty

Ergonomically Correct

Compact and ergonomically correct form factor optimizes viewing angle while reducing wrist and elbow stresses and localized muscle fatigue

Product Details

  • Optional truck mount charger available, charges two imagers, two batteries, or one battery/one imager simultaneously.
  • Automatic gain adjustment system that switches between high and low gain mode
  • Up to 6-hours of continuous run time 
  • 5-year warranty on thermal imager and battery with 48-hour guaranteed warranty repair turnover
  • Made in Kentucky, USA
  • Compact and lightweight at 1.6lbs
  • Super red hot intuitive and consistent colorization

TXS features



"The TXS is truly a firefighter’s imager. Simple operation, three-color colorization, and a large screen."

Matt, Firefighter Instructor
Ontario, Canada

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