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In 1919, E.W. invented the Hard Boiled® “hard hat,” inspired by his doughboy army helmet and designed for the specific hazards miners faced. Bullard’s spirit of innovation and designed safety lives within the foundation of our company.

Today, Bullard’s safety equipment protects you from the different dangers on the front lines of emergencies, construction, heavy industries, healthcare, and life sciences.

hard hat
the bullard fx fire helmet

From Hard Hat to Fire Helmet

The Hard Boiled® hard hat’s popularity inspired the development of the first fire helmet. Bullard’s spirit of innovation and problem solving helped the Golden Gate Bridge engineer team, led by Joseph B Strauss, to adapt Bullard’s hard hats to protect bridge workers.

This customer-focused innovation led to Bullard designing the first supplied-air respiratory system to protect the lungs of steelworkers blasting the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Spirit of Innovation Lives in Our Past, Present, and Future

Bullard has a rich history of solving customer problems in innovative ways, enabling these customers to have long, healthy, and productive lives. This legacy, which began with the invention of the hard hat, continued through the 1930s with our supplied-air respirators and our first fire helmet, and propelled through to our powered air-purifying respirators and thermal imagers.

Each of these safety-focused, customer-centric products have been and continue to be designed for the experts in the industries Bullard serves. By helping keep workers safe in Infrastructure, Energy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Healthcare, Emergency Responder roles, and many others, Bullard stays at the forefront of safety in the workplace.

Bullard Means Tough, Bullard Means Trust

Bullard’s ISO9001 certification is our standard. We remain committed to this uncompromising standard of quality when designing our safety equipment. Every Bullard team member focuses on designing, building, and promoting PPE to advance the safety of the people we help protect.

three people wearing bullard ppe including hard hat, fire helmet, and respiratory system
Bullard staff

Caring for Customers Around the World Like family

Bullard is a fifth-generation family-owned business delivering innovation that inspires safety across the globe. We have locations in Kentucky, Switzerland, Germany, and Singapore.

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