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Be Faster and Smarter with Bullard Imagers

All models come standard with 3.5” screen, 320×240 resolution, extreme durability, and robust warranties. Find the models that are right for your department:

The Lightweight

Bullard TXS

An intuitive tool packed in just 0,75 kg (incl. battery), the Bullard TXS is essential for every department. TXS was designed for ease-of-use with its one-button operation, ergonomic design, and size. TXS gives you the vital information you need, without weighing you down. Optional truck mount charger available.

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Image Refresh Rate
Temperature Sensitivity
Image Enhancement
Battery Warranty
Operating Time
Optional Features

The All-Around Pro

Bullard QXT

The best in class Bullard QXT has everything a decision-making thermal imager requires: like the Bullard LDX the Bullard QXT offers brilliant image quality (X-Factor) as well as the choice for more optional intelligent features: HAD, ETT, DVR and Zoom. The best wireless internal battery technology allows an excellent operating time of 7-8 hours and a battery performance with 5 years guarantee. Optional truck mount charger available.

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Image Refresh Rate
Made in USA
Image Enhancement
Battery Warranty
Operating Time
Optional Features

The NFPA Version

Bullard NXT

The Bullard NXT with its NFPA 1801 approval is the NFPA version of the Bullard QXT.

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Image Refresh Rate
Temperature Sensitivity
Image Enhancement
Battery Warranty
Operating Time
Optional Features

As Advanced As You Need

All models allow a simple one-button operation with a gloved hand. There are optional advanced intelligent features available for Bullard LDX, Bullard QXT and Bullard NXT. All features are retrofittable.



Hot Area Detection Feature (HAD)

Always on – indicates automatically the single hottest point of the scene with an additional green box for models LDX and QXT.

Electronic Throttle (ETT)

Manually activated and adjustable – colorizes in blue the hottest areas in reference to the desired temperature sensitivity for models LDX, QXT and NXT.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Capture videos with time and date stamp easily downloadable via USB. For models LDX, QXT and NXT.

Digital Zoom (ZOOM)

Great detail at your fingertips with 2x/4x Zoom option

Thermal ZOOM feature

Want to learn more about how to leverage these optional features? Then ask for our TI training options at Bullard Fire Training Camp.

What Firefighters Around the Globe Say

"Our research committee found Bullard’s image quality is the best on the market. We would rank Bullard’s service as outstanding. Thank you for the amazing products and customer service."
Chesapeake Fire Department, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
"Our Bullard TI has supported to save lives multiple times. Without it would have been long and exhausting search and rescue operations. The compact size and angled design were helpful to find pocket of embers even in hard-to-find areas such as small revision openings or overhead. The camera is also used regularly for the team´s safety (retraction distance protection)."
Stefan Jucken, FD Cologne, Cologne, Germany
"[These Bullard Thermal Imagers] give us the ability to have every single firefighter on duty to have a camera available to them. A thermal imaging camera is as important as a fire radio or an axe. It is essential that each firefighter has one for their use while fighting a fire"
Fire Chief Sean Canto, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA

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Thermal Imaging Accessories

Discounts & Programs

We provide discounts and programs to make our thermal imagers even more affordable. Check your eligibility for these discounts including our upgrade and trade-in program.

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