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XT Handle

Ergonomic quick attach handle

Allows firefighters to convert the NXT or QXT Thermal Imager to a pistol grip style camera

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XT Handle

Features & Benefits

XT Handle


Made of durable reinforced polymer for years of service.


Easy access wheel allows you to quickly attach or detach the handle even when wearing gloves.


Rubber inserts and textured ridges provide a secure grip in wet and dirty conditions.


Does not interfere with access to TI control buttons.


Reflective decals on the handle allow for increased visibility on scene.


Attachment mount accommodates commercially available accessories such as lights and laser pointers.

Product Details


This ergonomic quick attach handle allows you to convert your NXT or QXT to a pistol grip style camera. Expertly balanced to support the Thermal Imager’s weight. Firefighters can now choose the form factor they prefer.


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