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Top questions to ask

  1. What does this warranty cover?Some cover all parts and labor. This is the ideal option, since there are so many parts of an imager that could potentially fail. Some of these critical parts can be expensive to replace if not covered by warranty, including various electronic boards, engine core, and sensor.
  2. What are my options with battery warranties?Batteries have a shorter lifespan than thermal imagers. They also require a regular charging and maintenance schedule. Make sure you understand your options when it comes to maintaining your batteries over the course of your camera’s lifespan.
  3. What is required to access the warranty?With some warranties, you can purchase an extension. Other warranties may require some type of registration for it to be activated.
  4. What type of service can I expect?You can find this out by asking about the turnaround time and shipping costs. You can also get a feel for the type of warranty service you’ll receive by talking with other departments about their various warranty experiences. A good sales representative should be able to give references of departments who have experience with the manufacturer’s service department.