Bullard Sales & Marketing Team

Executive Sales & Marketing Team

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Wells Bullard

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Wes Johnson

VP of Marketing

Product Marketing & Communications

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Stephen Bird

Product Manager, Respiratory Protection, Life Sciences
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Mitch Kiser

Product Manager – Industrial Respiratory Protection
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Matt Ernst

Product Manager, Fire Helmets
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Rodes Cleland

Product Manager, End to End Solutions
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Manfred Kihn

Fire Training Specialist – ER Division


Marketing Operations Consultant

Segment Managers

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Stacey Simmons

National Account Manager, Industrial Head & Face Protection
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Greg Steller

National Account Manager, Life Sciences
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Ely Macaraeg

Industrial Blast Segment Manager
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Phil Scheible

USA Government Segment Manager

Sales & Operation

Diego Valencia

Latin America Countries Manager

+57 317-893-8361

Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Julio Oliveira

Regional Sales Manager

+55 11 99997-9277

Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina

Jorge S. Campozano

Regional Sales Manager


Mexico & the Caribbean