88E Series Airline Respirator

The Bullard 88E Series airline respirators offer comfortable, reliable respiratory protection for abrasive blasters and painters. 

  • EN 271 Approved
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Abrasive Rebound Protection to Head, Neck and Upper Torso
  • 1,000 APF

The 88E Series Advantage

Greater Protection

88E Series airline respirators provide greater protection than negative pressure, air-purifying respirators. The snug, yet comfortable, sewn-in neck cuff provides a physical barrier to airborne contaminants and helps maintain positive pressure within the helmet.

Comfortable Fit

Bullard's lightweight inner shell with an adjustable headband suspension holds the respirator firmly and comfortably on the wearer's head. Airflow is channeled directly to the user's breathing zone for easy breathing. The helmet easily accommodates beards, prescription eye wear or safety glasses. No fit testing is required.

Head Protection

The helmet provides top impact and penetration protection. The helmet and cape help protect the worker's entire head, face and upper body from abrasive rebound, airborne contaminants and messy overspray.

Optimum Visibility

The wide-angle faceshield lens and headband suspension system are positioned for optimum visibility. With the translucent, yellow helmet, workers don't experience a closed-in feeling.

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