Transmitter System

Transmitter System

Transmitter System

Share your images remotely. Bullard offers a high-powered transmitter for remote viewing of up to two thermal imagers. Weighing well less than one pound and housed in an attachable handle, the two-channel transmitter enables monitoring of the thermal imaging video remotely. Typical performance is up to 600 feet through typical frame construction. That's three times farther than any other transmitter.

Bullard transmitter come with two channels, operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. The transmitter is easily attached to the Bullard Thermal Imager via a thumb screw connection to the base of the camera. Whenever the transmitter is operating, a separate transmitter indicator light will illuminate at the top of the transmitter handle.

Maximize the unparalleled Bullard transmitter technology with Bullard receivers designed to give you the most powerful thermal imaging package available.

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