Magma Type B in use at volunteer Fire Department Schwaikheim (Germany)


Stefan Rauleder, Technical Chief:

Why we decided to go with Magma

Stefan Rauleder
Technical Chief Freiwillige Feurwehr Schwaikheim.

This is why we decided to go for Magma:

  • modern design
  • many adjustment options
  • perfect fit even wearing the helmet over a longer period
  • wide color range
  • universal torch adaption
  • retractable visor
  • no hearing restrictions
  • competent presentation
  • perfect after sales service, especially to make the helmet fit each individual
  • value for money

Magma is in use at our Fire Department now for more than 2 years with no problems at all.

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Stefan Rauleder
- Gerätewart Feuerwehr Schwaikheim -

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