The H3000 received an upgrade

It comes now as a standard with comfortable cheek pads and with a reinforced brow pad for a longer life time. Your existing H3000 can be upgraded. Ask your Bullard distributor for the H3000 Upgrade Kit.

Outer Shell

For the H3000, and other helmet models, Bullard has developed a new composite material based on thermoset resin. This material stands up to extreme heat and direct exposure to flame and delivers the best value.

Liner and Straps

The liner and straps insulate and protect against impact and high temperatures and meet the maximum shock absorption and insulation standard according to EN443: 2008. Liner is made from high-quality, heat-resistant polyurethane foam with high impact absorption and additional thermal insulation coating for easy cleaning. Six-point straps provide even weight distribution.

The helmet liner and straps now cover all head sizes from 52 - 64cm, and the straps offer a sturdy loop for hanging the helmet in the vehicle interior. The six-point suspension can be retrofitted to older helmets. Ask your Bullard dealer.

Three-Point Strap System

NEW Chin strap now with comfortable cheek pads
For all helmet models Bullard has developed a new three-point strap system. Chin and neck strap can be adjusted independently of each other with ease. The red and black buckle can be operated even with gloves and is easy to open. Outstanding grip according to EN443: 2008. The strapping is also available as a retrofit kit. Ask your Bullard dealer.


Neck Protection

Neck protection is available as the standard neck protector or as an all-around flame protection (Holland cloth). The outer material is Nomex® with a soft inner lining, a Holland cloth with climate membrane and moisture barrier. The neck protector covers the full-surface with a snug fit and extremely easy mounting with T-slit and Velcro®.


Visor meets EN 166 and NFPA requirements. Visor is injection molded in various sizes and finishes for greater durability. Also available in higher-end versions for extreme loads. The visor offers easy assembly and disassembly by clicking the shutter.


Crown Cushion and Fabric

Crown cushion and fabric are made from soft, flame-resistant Nomex®. Removable and easy to clean. Also available as a spare part.


The headband offers a quick and easy adjustment for all head sizes. The larger ratchet easily adjusts, even when wearing gloves. Height and inclination can also be adjusted.


Lights and radio

Helmet lamps, headsets and adapters all in one. The strap-mounting accommodates different diameters, making Bullard lamps and all other popular brands mountable. The holder can be pivoted and removed with the lamp still mounted. Mounts on right or left. Complete with fastening material.



Offering two lamp options:
Orange flashlight, Atex approved, strong plastic housing, extremely bright, and weighing 100 grams. Black flashlight, non-Atex, strong metal housing, extremely light and bright and weighing 46 grams. Each Lamp runs 3-4 hours with AA or AAA batteries.

Headset adaptor

Helmet adapter with various carrier plates for mounting on all popular headsets. Carrier plate quickly attaches and removes with headset still mounted. Inclination and horizontal position adjustable for optimum positioning over the ear. Carrier plate protect the headset while the helmet is off.

Helmet Support Ring

Made of soft, non-slip polyurethane foam for holding the helmet upside down during accessory attachment and helmet maintenance.

Nomex® Helmet Hoods

The helmet is designed for indoor operations and fire training. Thermal conditions during fire training, however, can sometimes be hard to control. Damage cannot be ruled out during use in fire training and does not fall under the regular warranty. It is recommended to protect the helmet with a Nomex® helmet hood.



Lumenescent yellow and hiviz yellow
Other colours on demand



The H3000 is certified to EN 443:2008. Visor is certified to EN14458:2004.


DuPont™ Nomex® is a registered Trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company.

Velcro® is a registered Trademark of Velcro USA.